Deep Dive into the Renovation and Construction Industry at FastighetsMässan.

With the rapidly changing real estate market and the ever-growing need for modernization and sustainability, renovation and remodeling are central aspects for property owners and managers. Maintaining and improving existing properties is not only an economic investment but also a contribution to creating sustainable and enduring communities.

Based on feedback from our previous trade show visitors and the understanding of the continuously expanding market for renovation and remodeling, we have decided to introduce a new focused area at the fair: Renovation/Building (Ombyggnation/ROT). Here, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the latest trends, technologies, products, and services within renovation and remodeling, while exhibitors gain a unique platform to reach a specific and engaged audience.

Why Exhibit?

Reach the Right Audience:

Property owners, management companies, municipalities, and condominium associations are among the represented visitor groups at our event. They come with specific needs and are actively seeking solutions within renovation and remodeling.

Increase Your Visibility:

Get the opportunity to showcase your services and products before an engaged and knowledge-seeking audience.

Share Your Expertise:

Here is your opportunity to position your company as an industry leader and share your expertise through product showcases, presentations, and workshops.

Interested in participating as an exhibitor?

This new area at the fair represents a powerful opportunity for companies in renovation and remodeling to truly showcase their expertise. Contact us today to learn more about how you can be a part of this dynamic and crucial aspect of the Real Estate Fair.



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