How do we ensure the quality of the fair?

FastighetsMässan is designed based on the needs of the industry. Our recurring focus areas are the interior and exterior of existing properties. We introduce a new focus area annually in line with industry development. We do this in close collaboration with the members of our Advisory Board.

Advisory board


Robert Norin

Operations Manager, Wallenstam

Robert Norin is the Operations Manager at Wallenstam in Stockholm with extensive experience in the real estate industry.”


Robin Rushdi

Entrepreneur and Founder, Vakansa

Robin Rushdi is the founder of the company Vakansa – a platform that facilitates for property owners, tenants, associations, cultural life, and civil society to find and co-utilize spaces that are vacant during parts of the day.


Anne Håkansson

AI expert, associate professor, and professor in computer science, KTH Sweden and UiT

Anne Håkansson is an associate professor in computer science at KTH Sweden and a professor in computer science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence at UiT Arctic University of Norway. Anne Håkansson works on cyber-physical systems (CPS) in the transportation sector, Industry 4.0, and Smart Cities.


Yvonne Staberg

Product Success Manager, Vitec

Coaches real estate companies in their digitization and sustainability efforts. Yvonne has extensive experience in the real estate industry, working with business systems and energy companies in various roles, ranging from energy technician, sales manager, to board positions.


Robert Englund

CEO, ENG & LUND Property Consultant

In 2019, Robert founded ENG & LUND Property Consultant. The company facilitates and assists in all aspects of property management, including technical, economic, and organizational aspects, to create the best conditions. Robert’s extensive expertise lies in both analysis and implementation, where he has a wealth of experience.


Evert Tillman

Market & Communication Secor AB

Since 2011, Evert has been active within Secor, which is the door group Daloc’s sales and installation chain in Sweden. Secor has participated in the Fastighetsmässan since its inception!


Magnus Lindgren

Secretary-General, Tryggare Sverige Foundation

Magnus Lindgren is a criminologist, Ph.D. in psychology, and former police officer and chief within the police force. He has worked at institutions such as the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority and the National Police Board, and has been a board member of the Crime Victim Support Federation and chairman of the National Organization for Relatives of Homicide Victims (RAV).


Anders Hägglund

Property Manager, Castellum

Anders Hägglund is the Property Manager at Castellum and has extensive experience in the real estate industry.

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