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How does your company work today, how do you ensure that all employees have the right skills and that you comply with the Electrical Safety Act?

In order to comply with laws and regulations and carry out safe electrical installations that do not injure anyone or cause other electrical damage, the easiest way is to follow the Electrical Installation Rules from SEK Swedish Electrical Standard. In the Electrical installation rules, you will find basic rules for a safe electrical installation.

The handbook’s fourth edition is updated with clarifying comments that deepen and explain the standard’s texts, with the aim of simplifying the application of the standard in Sweden. It should be easy to do right!

SEK Handbook 444 – The electrical installation rules with comments make your work easier.

The electrical installation regulations provide you and your employees with knowledge and guidance for safe electrical installations, which comply with all laws and regulations. SEK Handbook 444, edition 4:2023 consists of the content of the standard SS 436 40 00, edition 4:2023.

Don’t you have edition four of the Electrical Installation Rules? Get SEK Handbook 444! You can buy manuals, technical literature and standards both as a book and as a pdf on SEK’s website

Feel free to stop by SEK’s stand and hear more about the Electrical Installation Rules and SEK Handbook 444. A warm welcome!


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