In 2024, we continued with one of our popular half-day conferences, where we further strengthened the concept and dedicated a half-day focusing on the management of existing properties.

About Förvaltardagen

Förvaltardagen is a half-day conference that takes a comprehensive approach of property management. We gather significant expertise during a few intensive hours, featuring exciting presentations and providing ample opportunities for networking and business interactions.

Developed in collaboration with key figures in the industry, Förvaltardagen has been well-received by both exhibitors and visitors who appreciate the combination of a meeting place with both a trade fair and a conference. Förvaltardagen will offer you, working in property management, free inspiration and professional development combined with unique business opportunities alongside hundreds of exhibitors.

The half-day primarily targets those in roles such as property manager, property manager, sustainability manager, CTO, and business manager.

The schedule for Förvaltardagen 2024

08.30 – 09.00

Drop- in breakfast

09.00 – 09.20

Erica Sjölin (moderator) and Vitec

greets welcome!

09.20 – 09.45

Succeed with solar panels

Oskar Öhrman, Svensk Solenergi

09.45 – 10.10

Is reduced energy consumption a behavioral challenge?

Djinghis Johansson, Nordic Behaviour Group

10.10 – 10.30

Coffee break and further discussions

10.30 – 10.55

Urban development and trends – the city center as a catalyst for growth

Anna Wiking, Fastighetsägarna Syd

10.55 – 11.15

The concept of Trygg Fastighet for safe and secure residential areas

Peter Strandell, Tryggare Sverige

11.15 – 11.55

Panel discussion: The role of property owners in crime prevention work

Peter Strandell, Tryggare Sverige, Tomas Malm, säkerhetschef Landskronahem, Jörgen Winberg kommunpolisen 

11.55 – 12.00

Wrap up

Erica Sjölin, moderator

The schedule for Property Management Day




Drop-in breakfast

Drop-in breakfast

Erica Sjölin + Vitec Bygg & Fastighet welcome you!

Erica Sjölin + vitec - welcome!

Healthy Solar Installations with Anna Werner, CEO of Swedish Solar Energy.

Participant: Anna Werner, CEO, Swedish Solar Energy.


Social sustainability and security in Hjällbo with Poseidon.


Coffee break.


Macroeconomics in Turbulent Times.

Participants: Dennis Andersson, District Manager, Christian Eldstaf, Security Manager, Poseidon.

Coffee break.

Participant: Marcus Widén, SEB.


Is reduced electricity consumption a behavioral challenge?


Political debate on security and sustainability.



Participants: Vinnova, Erik Bohjort, Nordic Behavior Group, and Vitec Bygg & Fastighet.

Participants: Martin Wannholt, City of Gothenburg, Peter Strandell, Operations Manager, Tryggare Sverige Foundation, Johannes Hulter, Social Democrats, Martin Wannholt, Democrats.


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