CATL presents liquid-cooling CTP energy storage solutions
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CATL presents liquid-cooling CTP energy storage solutions

CATL, a global leader of new energy innovative technologies,



To meet the market demand for all-weather energy storage applications, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, desert, ocean, among others, CATL has developed the innovative EnerC, a containerized liquid-cooling battery system. With IP55 and C5 anti-corrosion protection, EnerC is able to meet the requirements of various harsh climatic conditions, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the whole system for 20 years. Empowered by the industry-leading highly-integrated liquid cooling design, its energy density can reach 259.7 kWh per square meter, almost a 200% increase over traditional air cooling systems.
Supported by highly developed supply chain, CATL is able to customize the components so as to optimize the structure design and integration of its products, which helps achieve the best performance for different markets.


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